Mr. Robot In Depth: Combat Logs Scores


What exactly do some of the scores mean on our site? Well, I’m here to shed some light on them.


Comparison to Successful Kills

Even though every attempt shows a percentile, you’re only being compared to other player’s stats on successful kills. Why is that? Because we only want to compare you to what actually… works! This applies to all comparisons, like personal DPS metrics, team metrics, and even boss mechanics on the infographics.

Percentile by Item Level

This shows how well you performed compared to other people of the exact same item level AND item level for your spec. Previously, there were ‘buckets’ but that lead to people dismissing the number if, say, they were at the bottom of the bucket. I know I did… And since we want this number to be meaningful, we now give you the exact percentile for each item level.

This shows up in 2 spots: the data view and the infographic view (both shown below).

Our SV Hunter, Suffokate, was better than 95% of all other iLevel 673 SV Hunters. He was better than 88% of all other players, regardless of iLevel or spec.


Percentile for your Team

There are 2 interesting numbers that really stand out for me. The team metric for “Is that good damage?” compared to “But in it good for our gear?” Let’s look at these first, then I will explain why I like them so much.

Is that good damage?
This number shows how well we do compared to teams killing the boss. It isn’t taking gear or anything else into account. It’s a straight up comparison of our DPS (whether a wipe or kill) to teams who’ve killed the boss. This is a good DPS benchmark to see if our DPS is good enough to kill the boss ourselves.

It might seem like our team isn’t doing well, ranking only at 42%. But keep in mind, that means we are doing better than 42% of teams who have killed the boss. So if we are wiping, DPS isn’t the main problem, it’s likely some other mechanic.


But, is it good for our gear?
This metric shows how well your team is performing for their gear level. It’s taking everyone’s individual item level & spec performance (like 95% for suffokate in the example below), and averaging them together. Our team is doing very average (50% is the median). Suffokate is in the 95th percentile, so that means we have a few people much lower than 50%, lowering the average.Scores_GoodiLevel

Comparing these 2 percentiles:
These 2 numbers tell me a story. If the first number is higher than the second number, it means you are outgearing a fight (your success is being helped by higher levels of gear). If the first number is lower than the second number, it means you are undergeared but your skill is helping you kill bosses.

In my example, we currently fall into the ‘undergeared’ category. Our players are performing at 54% for their item level and spec, BUT we only rank at 42% overall. That means we are less geared than a lot of teams who have killed  this boss.

What does 50% really mean?

You’re smack in the middle, that’s what it means. It’s the median (not the average). I’ve run into a lot of people who see 50% and think it means they are bad. It doesn’t mean you’re bad, in fact, quite the opposite. It means you’re doing the same as most people killing the boss.

50% is a great benchmark for what most people are doing to kill a boss.


On our site, we color-code the infographic circles, as shown in the picture above.

At 50%, that means you’re doing what most people are doing who kill the boss. This is true for all percentages on the site, from DPS to boss mechanics. If most people take 10% of their damage from rocks falling from the ceiling, and so do you… it doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means you’re doing what most people are doing when they kill a boss.

Sure, you’ll get people who argue that you should be perfect. We all want to improve, but you don’t need perfection to kill a boss. Mythic has less wiggle room obviously, but each set of statistics is based on the difficulty you’re doing. So if 50% of mythic players are taking 10% of their damage from rocks falling from the sky when they kill a boss… yep, it means you don’t need to execute that perfectly to get a kill :) Mr. Robot isn’t here to judge you, here’s here to put things into context and help you.

Other scores

Sometimes you will see a score out of 10, instead of a percentile. It’s the same thing, really. I particularly like the scores in the overview section, when I first load an infographic. On the right, you can see quickly how well your team did on each mechanic (they are sorted from best to worst). This is corresponds to the colored borders around the navigation at the top.

For example, we scored an 8.3 on Shatter (notice the mostly filled in green border on it at the top too). But we didn’t do so hot on avoiding damage… scoring a 1.6 with a barely filled in, orange border at the top.