Addon Spotlight: Garrison Mission Management

Art by Hokunin
Art by Hokunin

Are you on the HYPE TRAIN?! I am!

I’m very excited for Blackrock Foundry, which means I’m saving all of my follower armor/weapon upgrades. The max iLevel for followers will increase to 670, with a 660 requirement for BRF missions.

If you want to figure out which followers can help get you to 100%, get the addon, Master Plan by foxlit. There’s a tab, “Missions of Interest” that show you BRF mission success chances. And yes, the addon already does this, even though the missions aren’t out.


See the follower icons that are red? That means they don’t have a high enough iLevel yet. And see the skinny red border around the ability icons? The red ones mean I don’t have it countered, so it looks like I need to level up some other followers!

Mission Auto-Complete

It also has another feature that will make your life a whole lot better: mission auto-completion. No more going through each window. They all complete quickly and automatically. I even took a video, because I think it’s so cool :)

Get the addon, Master Plan

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Cover art by Hokunin